Viroxid Habitat 3

For a better air quality

The Viroxid® Habitat 3 is based on existing air disinfection methods that are already being used to purify the air hospital operating theatres.

Three successful methods have now combined into a single device that is suitable for smaller areas up to 100 m3. These three methods are: air ionization, filtration and UV-C light disinfection.

Purifying the air you breathe is no longer a superfluous luxury. An increasing number of micro-organisms and chemical pollutants are commonly found in the air we breathe in indoor environments, including viruses, bacteria and moulds, and these make our air less healthy to breath. But also smoke and pollen can be succesfully diminished.

The Viroxid® Habitat 3 is a compact, stand-alone system, immediately ready-for use with simple installation and maintenance.

Easy to service, stylish and effective; it’s the perfect air purifying system for so many applications.

Clean your air in 3 steps...


  • A quiet, high-performance Ventilator draws the air through a hospital-grade 3M High Air Flow Electrostatic (HAFE) Filter into the Disinfection Chamber.
  • 3M HAFE filters use an electrostatic charge, to operate with twice the efficiencyof standard washable foam filters. Consequently they attract, capture, and retain more pollutants and particles than traditional filter media.
  • The 3M HAFE filter keeps the Disinfection Chamber of the Viroxid® Habitat 3 cleaner, so optimised air disinfection is guaranteed. Plus, the filter’s open channel structure offers minimal airflow resistance ensuring maximum particle removal and maximum airflow.
  • The 3M HAFE filter includes an antimicrobial agent that prevents mould growth further increasing performance.
  • Airborne dust capture also helps maintain productivity of in-room heating and air conditioning units.
  • The air is then treated with UV-C radiation via the special Philips UV-C lamp, generating ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. The UV-C light destroys the DNA (cellular structure) of viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi and other micro-organisms and prevents their reproduction. This ensures 99,99% disinfected air in a healthy and efficient way.
  • The unique aluminium interior of the Disinfection Chamber provides additional reflection of the UV-C radiation, thereby increasing the efficiency of the UV-C radiation up to 50%. This completely exposes micro-organisms to the eliminating UV-C radiation from all sides.
  • After the UV-C treatment, the ionizer launches 8.5 million negative ions per cm3 into the treated air.
  • Poor air contains many positive ions. Micro-organisms easily spread through the air using these positive ions, as do dust, pollen and other pollutants.
    Fresh air typically contains up to 4,000 negative ions per cm3, but this figure is much lower in enclosed rooms, often between well below 50 ions per cm3.
  • The negative ions introduced by the Viroxid® Habitat 3’s Ioniser form compounds with the positive ions present. The compounds thus formed are too heavy to float in the air; so they sink down and are captured by the 3M HAFE filter.
  • The large number of negative ions produced improves the resistance of the human body, and may even promote healing processes.

Advantages of the Viroxid® Habitat 3
  • Disinfects and purifies the air
    up from 99% to 99.99%
  • Eliminates micro-organisms
    that are present in the air
  • Improves the quality of the air
    and promotes a comfortable feeling
  • Purifies the air in enclosed areas
  • Has a positive effect on your health
  • Strengthens the resistance of the body
    against diseases
  • Inhalation allergies are reduced or disappear
  • Anxiety and depression can be reduced,
    or disappear
  • Diseases can be prevented
Effective against
  • Virus - incluso Coronavirus
  • Pertosse ed altro
  • Batteri
  • Muffe
  • Funghi
  • Acari
  • Polveri e particolati
  • Pollini
  • Fumo di sigaretta
  • Gas dannosi
  • Odori

Technical specifications:

Total power consumption 65 Watt
Philips PL-L 60W/4P HO lamp 60 Watt
UV-C Dose- 4.23 mJ/cm2 (air flow 50 m3/hr)
UV-C (W) output 19.0 Watt
UV-C (%) after 8,000 hours 85de
Filter 3MTM High Air Flow (Electrostatic HAFE) Air Filter
Ventilator 12 Volt (low noise)
Max. area capacity: 100 m3
Air flow low speed 25 m3/h
high speed 50 m3/h
Rumorosità 15 dB (low speed)
19 dB (high speed)
Dimensions of the device 60 x 17 x 15 cm


680102 Viroxid Habitat 3
680104 UV-C Lamp Viroxid Habitat 3
680105 HAFE Filter Viroxid Habitat 3