Sporigerm Peracetic Plus

Cold steriliser disinfectant
active in 10 minutes on spores,
HIV, HCV, HBV, TBC, fungi and bacteria

Sporigerm® Peracetic Plus is a disinfecting/sterilising powder for invasive surgical instruments.
The active ingredient, the peracetic acid, is formed “in situ” after having dissolved the powder in water
to obtain an aqueous solution of peracetic acid.

Sporigerm® Peracetic Plus can also be used on endoscope reprocessors and is effective for the fast disinfection and sterilisation of: endoscopes, optic fibre, surgical and dental instruments, transducers.

COMPOSITION 100 grams of product
Tetraacetylethylenediamine....... 25.00 g;
Sodium percarbonate .............. 42.00 g;
Co-formulants q.s. at ............. 100.00 g;

Class IIb CE 0546 medical device complying with Directive 93/42/EEC
as amended by directive 2007/47/EEC

Expiry: 2 years

Contacts times:

Bactericidal 0.4 % 10 minutes
Yeasticidal (C. Albicans) 0.4 % 10 minutes
Mycobactericidal/ Tuberculocidal 0.4 % 10 minutes
Sporicidal 0.8 % 10 minutes
Fungicidal (A. brasiliensis) 1.6 % 10 minutes
Virucidal 1.6 % 10 minutes
Cold steriliser 1.6 % 10 minutes



502002 Sporigerm Peracetic Plus (2) jars, 500 g each