MicroEtcher IIA

Intraoral Sandblaster

The MicroEtcher IIA is recognized as one of the most valuable tools for dentistry. The MicroEtcher provides precise surface micro-roughening, improving bond strenght up to 400%. Surface area and surface reactivity is dramatically increased for maximum bond. Sandblasting is fast and easy with most surface roughening procedures requiring only a few seconds. It offers all sainless construction and replaceable carbide tip. Now with a spill resistant abrasive filter.

• MicroEtcher IIA handpiece
• Fully Autoclavable (except jar)
• 360° rotatable and removable noozle
• Slim Profile noozle offers better intraoral usability
• Use 50 micron ALOX only and GLASS BEADS
• 8 - 12 gr / Minute powder use



650500 MicroEtcher IIA
650109 Filter IIA Jar cap 10 pk
650108 Replacement Noozle diameter 1,2 mm (standard)
650106 Replacement Noozle diameter 0,8 mm (pit&fissure)
650107 Replacement Noozle diameter 1,2 mm (slim profile)
650501 Quick disconnect Kit
650502 Handpiece Adapter Kavo Style
650504 Quick disconnect station
650505 Quick disconnect (for laboratory)