PrepStart H2O

Hydro Abrasion Cavity Prep Unit

The addition of a cone of water mist surrounding the air/abrasive stream captures almost all of the dust! Cutting results continue to be optimal. Use of warm water further enhances patient comfort.
Water mist starts & stops instantly with air/abrasive flow.

• Captures almost all dust
• Warm water increases patient comfort
• No water connection, water is self contained
• On-Off water switch
• Adjustable water flow
• Air connection only to PrepStart foot pedal line

H2O Accessory

PrepStart H2O tip
incorporate carbide orifices for long life.
Orifice size .019 – 80°

H2O Hydro Abrasion Unit
To transform your Prepstart unit in a Prepstart H2O
• Update Prepstart in approximately 5 minuts
• Offer to the Prepstart the benefit of Hydro abrasion

• H2O installed on new PrepStart top cover
• Handpiece with .019 inch nozzle
• All tubing & connections
• Instruction manual
• 1 year warranty



650800 PrepStart H2O Hydro Abrasion
650804 PrepStart H2O tips
650801 PrepStart H2O Unit Accessory