Dental Surface Silicating Powder for cementation and repair

Siljet is a bonding enhancement air abrasive powder. Siljet allows effective bonding and repair of ceramic, composite, zirconia and metal restorations. It is used in both chairside and intraorally.
Powder is applied with a Microetcher, or similar device.
Kit includes 40 g of Siljet powder, 2 each syringes of composite opaquer, 10 ml perhydrolized saline, 10 ml of enamel bonding agent, needle tips, Microbrushes and a dispensing well.



650300 Siljet Kit per intraoral restauration:
• 40 g Siljet powder
• 10 ml S-Bond
• 10 ml E-bond
• 40 Microbrushes
• 2 g each Accolade OP
• Mask Tooth and White shades
• twenty 25 gauge tips.
650301 Siljet powder refill 3x40g