Blancone® Click

The first whitening treatment combined with oral hygiene

• 10 extra minutes & low cost means great perceived added value

• Enhances loyalty of dental office patients and attracts new ones

• Promotes BlancOne® TOUCH and ULTRA complete whitening treatments

BlancOne® CLICK has been developed to meet a strong demand by office patients: to whiten teeth immediately after a dental hygiene session. 

Thanks to the low percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the BlancOne® CLICK active gel, no gingival barriers are required. It can be used in the presence of light bleeding, which typically occurs after hygiene sessions, and when teeth necks are exposed due to receding gums.

Once the two components of BlancOne® CLICK have been mixed, the activated gel is applied to the teeth and oxygen is released with a curing light. 
In just 10 minutes the whitening treatment has been completed with immediately visible results.

For the office, the BlancOne® CLICK treatment is economical and fast, motivates patients to undergo periodical hygiene sessions, attracts new patients through “clean & white” promotions,  and acts as a demonstration of the complete BlancOne® TOUCH or ULTRA treatment for those who want even more attractive and longer-lasting results.

Click Treatment

Fast (1, 10-minute cycle with light curing) and economical treatment to combine with each hygiene session to promote and demonstrate the complete TOUCH treatment.
Hydrogen peroxide 6%


013000 BlancOne® Click
Package with 10 post-hygiene treatments:
Each individual treatment contains: 
Peroxide syringe (0.75ml), Activator syringe (0.25ml),  connector, tip,  QR code for registration with App BlancOne