Blancone® Touch

In-office cosmetic teeth whitening treatment

• Releases Hydrogen Peroxide 6% in compliance with European directives

• Just one quick session: 
  30 minutes in the office instead of days with home trays

• Includes the BlancOne® STICK home maintenance kit

The BlancOne® TOUCH whitening gel consists of two components (base + activator). 
Once mixed and activated it is very easy to apply to teeth, thanks to its consistency and adhesiveness to enamel and contrast shade.

Uses the same low percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the office as in home systems.
Can come in contact with the gums and with exposed teeth necks.

Light is used to accelerate the release of oxygen from the gel. 
High-power curing lights and the BlancOne®ARCUS arc light can be used to complete a cycle in 5-8 minutes.

The BlancOne® TOUCH treatment is based on 3 or 4 whitening cycles during the same session
and each cycle includes application-action-removal of the activated gel.

The treatment guarantees fast and comfortable whitening with immediately noticeable results for the patient
The kit includes the BlancOne®STICK home maintenance pen that stabilises and enhances the shade of white obtained.

Touch Treatment

Active principle:
16% Carbamide peroxide (HP < 6%)
4 cycles x 5 minutes (with ARCUS lamp


011003 BlancOne® TOUCH 3 Patients Pack
Each individual treatment contains: 
Peroxide syringe (3 ml), Activator syringe (1 ml), 
connector, tip, disposable gag, QR code for registration with App BlancOne®