Blancone® Seal

Protecting teeth from bad habits

Smoke, coffee and tea are amongst the main threats of a white smile.
These habits seriously reduce the lasting effect of the whitening treatment.

Patients who smoke and regularly drink coffee or tea should refrain from doing so for at least 72 hours after the whitening treatment in order not to compromise its result.
This advice is very rarely followed.

BlancOne® SEAL is particularly suitable for smokers and people who regularly drink coffee or tea.
who can carry on with their everyday life without fear of compromising the results of the whitening treatment.

BlancOne® SEAL is a sealing treatment to be carried out after the whitening treatment.
It creates an invisible and lasting protective film resistant to acids and oral fluids.
BlancOne® SEAL prevents absorption of pigments and maintains whitening results for a longer time.
With the addition of nano fluoroapatite and calcium fluoride it remineralises the enamel sealing its micro fractures


019010 Each treatment contains:
BlancOne® Seal
Sealing (5 ml) 20 applicators, 12 mixing wells (4 holes)