Blancone® Ultra

Home whitening pen

• Exclusive patented technology
  Light-activated biophotonic technology generates singlet oxygen, the most reactive form of oxygen.

• Easy and versatile
  Can be activated by a normal curing light, changing colour to indicate that a reaction has occurred.

• The fastest and most powerful 

  Whitens up to 10 shades in less than 10 minutes

• Will not increase sensitivity
  Does not dehydrate tooth enamel, for a safe and long-lasting whitening effect

Designed to handle the most difficult situations, such as teeth with tetracycline stains or teeth undergoing endodontic therapy, ULTRA produces excellent results in a single session, even starting from very dark shades.

Thanks to exclusive chromophores that utilise light energy (photons), hydrogen peroxide is broken down in just a few seconds, generating singlet oxygen, a highly effective form of atomic oxygen. The result is a fast and deep whitening effect.

Thanks to an ultrarapid mechanism, that acts in just a few seconds instead of minutes, BlancOne® Ultra guarantees non-aggressive whitening that will not increase the temperature in the pulp chamber or dehydrate tooth enamel
It does not require and does not contain desensitizing agents.

Because the enamel is not dehydrated the shade of white is immediately natural and stable.
BlancOne® ULTRA does not cause short-term regression of the shade obtained and a special diet is not required.

Ultra Treatment

The BlancOne® ULTRA treatment is carried out in 4 whitening cycles during which the gel is applied, light activated and removed. For particularly dark shades, up to 6 cycles can be carried out during the same session. 
Before applying the whitening gel, a barrier is applied to isolate and protect the gums.
Hydrogen peroxide 29%


343010 BlancOne®Ultra
Individual treatment kit contains:
BlancOne ULTRA Photo Energetic Booster Dispenser (1.6 g), 
BlancOne Hydrogen Peroxide (5 ml), Accessories