Blancone® Stick

Home whitening pen

• Fast and easy-to-use
  The gel is extruded onto the tip and applied directly on the teeth

• Effective action
  In just a few seconds the gel fixes on the enamel, where it remains active for hours

• Low cost
  Restores the brightness and shine of a smile at a cost everyone can afford

• Will not damage tooth enamel
  Does not contain abrasive substances or parabens

The BlancOne®STICK whitening pen is perfect for removing stains from nicotine, coffee, tea, as well as pigmented foods and beverages, and for extending maintenance of in-office professional whitening results
To use at home once a day, before going to sleep.

The gel is ready to use: just rotate the back of the pen to extrude the gel onto the tip. It is not necessary to create a thick layer.
Keeping the lips closed for a few seconds will allow the gel to form a thin film on the surface of the teeth. 
The gel, activated by heat from the lips, will release oxygen during the night. 
A smile will be brighter and shinier already after the first few days.

A 14-day cycle is perfect for restoring and maintaining the brightness and shine of a smile. 
Two, 14-day cycles can be carried out (waiting two weeks between cycles) for a complete whitening treatment
Thanks to its plaque breaking power, BlancOne®STICK is an effective smile touch-up.
It can be applied on the teeth to immediately make a smile brighter and shinier.
The pen contains enough gel to complete two, 14-day cycles.
The gel will not damage tooth enamel and contains no abrasives or parabens.

Stick Treatment

The BlancOne® STICK treatment includes one application a day before going to sleep:
1, 14-day cycle to maintain and restore an in-office treatment
2, 14-day cycles – waiting 2 weeks between cycles – for whitening
Hydrogen peroxide 6%


014000 BlancOne® Stick
BlancOne® STICK STICK home whitening pen (4 ml), 
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